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Over the past 6 years, we have been EXTREMELY grateful for our church family at GFN, and our community for making A Journey to Bethlehem a HUGE success in Jesus‘ name!  We recently announced to our GFN Church family a few weeks ago that A Journey to Bethlehem will be coming to a close, as we begin a new chapter of ministry at GFN. This is has been a long and thoughtful decision from our lead Pastor, Terry Weyman, and the rest of the staff at GFN. By doing so, this is offering us a chance to open up a new door into ministry in our Community Connections outlet, led by Pastor Ben LaPlace. We want to thoroughly thank our church Family, as well as the people in our community that helped make this event one that certainly remains in our hearts and minds. We continue to move forward with what God has in mind for our mission at GFN Church, and certainly hope YOU can join us on this new journey in Community Connections! Check out the video BELOW to here what Pastor Terry Weyman has to say on this direction. God bless!


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